How To Make Money Online

-Are you wondering how to make money online?

-What about starting a online business?

-Does quitting your current 9-5 job sound like some childish dream and could never be a reality for someone like you?

-Or maybe you just want some extra money so you can pay off debt and pay for new clothes every month.

Well I’ll tell you this, it’s so much easier than you might think. Just look around you today, everyone is connected to their phones and swiping through Facebook and Instagram. You’re already using it every day might as well make money from it!


1. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing simplified is promoting another persons product (physical product, a service, a online course) and getting paid a percentage of a commission when someone buys it.

It’s so simple!

Step 1- Find a product or service you like. Think about something you might be passionate about, Maybe you’re a fitness fanatic, and you like a certain supplement. Go to the website that sells that specific supplement and see if they have a Affiliate Program. If they do then you can sign up and set up a Affiliate account with them.

Step 2- Getting your Affiliate link. Once you have signed up as a Affiliate for your website and product of your choice, they will provide you with a special link that is specifically connected to you. If someone clicks on your link and buys the product you will get a percentage of the commission. Depending on the product it could be as much as 70% of what the product was worth.

Step 3- Getting traffic. Now for the most important and hardest part of this process. Gaining traffic to your link. Without traffic and people coming to your link you can’t make any sales obviously. There are several ways to gain traffic to your Affiliate link.

  • FaceBook Advertisements- Now this will be the fastest way to gain traffic to your link, however it isn’t without a cost, starting out as low as $5 a day to have you ad be posted to peoples news feeds. With this route you are able to target specific demographics of people, so you have the highest chance of having them buy from you.
  • Blogging- Become a content creator and provide free information about a subject you have a lot of knowledge and information to offer. Provide free information on a subject and insert Affiliate links to offers you trust.
  • YouTube- Basically the same as blogging except being a content creator using video.
  • Instagram- Being a content creator by using quality images that are appealing to your niche audience, and use that as a free platform to drive traffic to your Affiliate link.

There are many strategies to creating success through Affiliate Marketing. Read my in depth post about Affiliate Marketing if want to really make money with it.

My in depth post about Affiliate Marketing